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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


BIOSCOPE provides agricultural information products based on Remote Sensing imagery. It is an information service to farmers, farm advisors and agricultural processing industries, to help them visualise, monitor, understand and act upon spatial differences in their crops and fields. In order to overcome the well-known cloud interference problem for satellite imagery, BIOSCOPE combines satellites with drones: Satellite imagery when possible, drone imagery when necessary. In this mix, BIOSCOPE offers a reliable and affordable service. 

BIOSCOPE has received funding from ESA for a demonstration phase.

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Growers lack a map showing problem areas

FarmIndustryNews: "The use of remote sensing in agriculture isn’t new. But as UAV and digital camera technologies have improved and become more affordable, so have the reliability, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of using remote sensing in agricultural settings".


In 2016 BIOSCOPE will start its preliminary services with a demonstration. BIOSCOPE provides crop scan imagery targeting at growers of field crops.

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